Rannoch Moor

Black Mount topographical map

The Black Mount
This mountain group is the furthest east and includes Criese and Meall a' Bhuiridh. It's not in Glen Coe but it does have good views of those peaks. Meall a' Bhuiridh is scarred by skiing developments on its northern slopes but a good alternative route is to start from Ba Cottage in the east. This avoids all the skiing developments right up to the very summit. These slopes are quite easy and are said to be quiet. Once on the top the view suddenly opens up to the Creise - Clachet plateau. The way ahead is along a shapely stony ridge before the final scrambly pull up to the plateau.

Meall a' Bhuiridh seen from The
Creise - Clachet Plateau

The Black Mount seen from Rannoch Moor

Another worthy is the Sron na Creise - a steep ridge that leads up to the plateau of Creise from the river Etive - a long sustained scramble with long long drops evident higher up. I haven't taken this route but my guidebook rates it as a grade 3 scramble.

The Black Mount seen from
across Glen Etive

The Creise - Clachet plateau seen
from Meall a' Bhuiridh

Sron na Creise and Rannoch Moor
seen from Stob na Broige

The Buchaille summits seen
from Beinn Fhionlaidh

The map shows Creise as being the highest summit between Creise and Clachet by 1m - but I've noted that Clachet appears higher when viewed from Creise and Creise appears lower when viewed from Clachet. If you are conscious of the munro status of Creise changing later on, then you may want to 'bag' both summits. As a note for everyone else, the views from either summit reveal views that are quite different - often you can see the Knoydart Mountains from here.

Buchaille Etive Mhor topographical map

Buchaille Etive Mor
This is one of the classic peaks that many of you are likely to have seen. Many people associate it with Glen Coe but strictly speaking Glen Coe doesn't drain this mountain - Glen Etive does so entirely.

Buchaille Etive Mor seen from Altnafeaadh

Stob Dearg

Stob Dearg seen from the main ridge

It ridge to the south western summit is very graceful going over the pointy summit of Stob na Doire to the end summit of Stob na Broige. The ridge is nowhere a scramble but is still a bit narrow in places particularly the final section before Stob an Broige. The main peak itself provides extensive views over Rannoch Moor and is fringed on the north by some HUGE cliffs that make it a classic climbers playground. These cliffs provide the fine scramble of the Curved ridge rated at grade 2/3 - probably the finest scramble on this hills.

The ridge bounding the west
side of Coire an Tulaich

The top of Coire nan Tulaich

The normal way up is via Coire na Tulaich but this gets steep near the top. An alternative and less steep route would take the ridge to the west of Coire na Tulaich - an advisable route to take when avalanche risk is getting quite high. This route takes an obvious steep grassy slope hemmed in on both sides by buttresses. This eases up at around 700m where a tower seems to bar further upward progress. This is easily circumvented to the right where a breach in it's defences allows further easy upward progress.

Stob na Doire

Stob na Doire seen from Buchaille Etive Beag

Further west along the Buchaille's ridge, a northern corrie (Coire Altruim) west of Stob na Doire provides an easy descent into the Lairig Gartain. Whilst easy, it's guarded in winter by big avalanche prone slopes. After doing the ridge many folk use this corrie for descent.

The approach to Stob na Broige

The main ridge seen from Stob na Broige

Stob an Broige seen from Stob na Doire

The western most peak is the second munro and reveals a superb view down Glen Etive to Loch Etive. The relatively quiet munros of Beinn Sgulaird and Beinn Fhionnlaidh stand out in proud isolation when seen from here. A direct descent can be ade straight down to Glen Etive from here. It's quite steep but I haven't done it so I can't comment about it.

Beinn a' Chrulaiste seen from the
slopes of Buchaille Etive Mhor

Beinn a' Chrulaiste
For those wanting an easy morning/afternoon walk, this summit on the north side of the Glen Coe road is worth doing - it can be done in a leisurely round trip of three hours and offer stunning views of the other Glen Coe summits as well as the Mamores, Ben Alder, the Blackwater reservoir. But it's Buchaille Etive Mor that is the most striking looking summit.