Where to spend your family vacation this summer?

Summer is the best season of year – everybody loves it and has no patience to hit the road to some amazing summer destination where to have an excellent holiday! Are you one of these people? – Who adore the sun and the sea? – Who prefer to spend June and July on the beach, instead to work every day while missing the great weather? If your answer is “yes” and you even are ready for everything just to see for a while the sea and to feel the summer breeze as well, it means that you are keen on summer holidays and your place is right here – our amazing tourist blog!

We need to travel often. Probably you too… And for that reason we would like to tell you where to go this summer and how to have fun in the best way possible. For this aim, we have decided to write this long article that to give you interesting ideas regarding suitable tourist destination for you to visit in Europe. One of them is Croatia (Croatia holiday), as a little later we are going to tell you about another great place where you can spend a fulfilling family or solo vacation at the sea…


Well, probably you already have been in Croatia, or probably not, but in fact it doesn’t even matter. This land is wonderful and even if you visit it every summer; every next time you will be able to see more and more incredible cities and sights. This country attracts millions of tourists every year because of its ancient cities, romantic atmosphere, low prices and friendly people. If you have a family and would like to take it to some really beautiful place where to fully relax, Croatia is the perfect destination for you to go with your beloved ones!

Places in Croatia are many. We can‘t tell you which the best one is, but can recommend you some of them. Since we have been there many times, are thinking that every spot and even corner is magnificent. We can say that whenever you go in Croatia, will enjoy a perfect summer vacation – the Adriatic will contribute to that too!

Split, the Plitvice lakes National Park, Hvar, Pula and Dubrovnik – this is just a small part of the incredible places you can visit in Croatia, so try to see them all or at least just one… We recommend you to start your journey from the amazing city of Dubrovnik – one of the best and most ancient cities in this lovely land!

When it comes to holidays in Dubrovnik, we can say a lot. We have been there several times, as the only thing we want after we leave this city is to come back there again! And that is quite normal – Dubrovnik is so adorable and romantic that every tourist is captive by its beauty and magnetism… From the gorgeous city walls that will take you to another world (an ancient world) to the marble street of Stradun that is simply amazing, everything you will see in Dubrovnik is impressing and memorable. In this train of thoughts, the city is more that perfect for people who want to spend a romantic vacation, as well as to have a pleasant time in private… The calmness, the energy and all that is surrounding you in Dubrovnik makes the city for being on the top when it comes to summer holidays in Europe. Go there this summer and enjoy this fairy tale!!


Since we are talking about European summer destination, have to mention the country of Bulgaria… This land is very beautiful too, as except the sea there you can enjoy amazing mountains as well. Ranked as one of the most visited countries in Europe, the land of roses is on the top of the list for thousands of holidaymakers who need a summer relaxation!

The Black Sea coast attracts so many people every summer, that most of the hotels are book solid even in May… Because of the low prices, excellent conditions for families with kids, each of the summer resorts in Bulgaria have a great reputation and high attendance. Bulgaria welcomes tourists from any nationalities, as the UK citizens are one of them!

Being on a holiday in Bulgaria you will have the chance to stay longer for less. Since almost every summer resort offers great discounts and attractive family packages, you will be able to enjoy cheap but fulfilling vacation. The beach is also amazing… Being there you can try varied water sports, as well as to have fun in some night beach bar after the sun goes down!

Go to Sunny Beach resort if you love the dynamic life and strong sensations. This is the biggest summer resort in Bulgaria and one of the most visited too. There you will find many hotels, cafes, restaurants, shops, attractions and water entertainments. This is the place where young people go for having fun in the night and that families with children visit for having a relaxation on the beach! But if you do not like places of this type and prefer quiet and peaceful destinations, forget about Sunny Beach and organize your vacation to Nessebar, Sozopol or Golden Sands resort. All the three places are popular as romantic destinations where many couples in love go for spending an unforgettable sea vacation and just like Dubrovnik, each of these places worth visiting! In case that you need to relax among picturesque nature but in the same time want to feel the breeze too, Golden Sands is the best option for you, so we highly recommend you this resort! You will be amazed by the low prices, by the excellent service and by the beauty around you. This place is a part of Natural Park and a protected territory by the low of Bulgaria. The nature, the greenery and the bird species will make you feel as if you are in the paradise, so enjoy all that and book your vacation in Golden Sands resort!

Enjoy the summer season and make the best choice for you and your family!