Have you ever think about what would be the perfect summer vacation? Some people are willing to go to some exotic place, while others would like to spend a week among peaceful environment for less. But regardless of which type of tourists you are, there is one thing which is always important – the beach… Yes, the beach is the main reason why people visit summer destinations and why they look forward to come the summer season!

But here comes the question “Is the beach the only reason why we are traveling during the summer?”… No, of course it is not. There are many other reasons why we take summer trips: water entertainments, outdoor activities, night life etc.


And we have no patience to tell you where you can go for having a pleasant stay this summer and where you can enjoy your summer vacation as it should be…

Dubrovnik – one of the best summer destinations for us and for millions of holidaymakers! All words will never be enough to be described this place – it is gorgeous, it is startling romantic and quite inexpensive destination! It is an incredible combination between history, modernism and romance, as everybody who has been there before can be called a lucky fellow!

If you have already decided to visit Dubrovnik, even before to read our article, we can just praise you for the wonderful choice…  And although, one way or another you have made the decision to spend your summer holiday in the amazing town, stay here and learn more about this fairy place.

The beauty of Dubrovnik is hidden in the Old Town. There are collected wonderful sights that can take your breath away as never before… Even with just one hour walk through the old town of Dubrovnik you will simply amazed by the beauty of this place and its magnetism!

As we love help all holidaymakers by giving them useful advises related to specific destination, this time we will not make an exception and will direct you what to see in Dubrovnik.

Visit the city walls – the perfect chance for you to take a closer view of the history of this lovely town. A walk along the fortified walls that were built in the Middle Ages will give the opportunity to enjoy both magnificent sea views and the richness of the old town. We are recommending you to spend more time there because such beauty cannot be seen every day- enjoy it fully!

The center of the Old Town – the main street in Dubrovnik is also called Stradun and it is simply astounding! This street is very famous and also has very interesting history – after a great earthquake hundreds of years ago (back in 1667), Stradun is rebuilt and instead the then luxuries buildings, now you can see many constructions that are also very beautiful but in the same time much more functional then the previous ones…

In Dubrovnik and around the town there are many churches, museums, palaces and monasteries that deserve your attention! Take lots of time and visit them all – each of the sight in Dubrovnik, as well as every corner of the town are unique and carry a special energy… And if you are keen on the beauty in all its forms, Dubrovnik as a holiday destination will become your favorite place where to go every year – check out Balkan Holidays in Facebook to get great travel deals and more interesting information about Dubrovnik.

Unfortunately, we cannot describe all the splendor of this sumptuous city in one article, but if you are interested to learn more about this destination, follow our daily publications and enjoy our exciting stories. We always write about journeys with great enthusiasm and are hoping to give our readers even a small part of that positive energy!

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