How to get faster to Canada?

You always have to be prepared before to get into the card and hit the road to the holiday destination you have chosen! No matter whether you are traveling parent or a solo traveler, because the preparations for every summer/winter vacation are one and the same. In both cases you have to pack up, you have to make sure if everything is there (shoes, clothes, documents, medicines, cosmetics etc.). When you are convinced that you have not forgotten anything, can continue with your trip together with your beloved ones!

Should we plan our family/solo vacation too long, or to over-plan is not the best thing decision we can make… How to be sure that everything is okay and how to organize our vacation so that we to be calm that our traveling will be as we want it to be – pleasant and unforgettable!

Make sure that you have all the important documents. If you forget some of them or for some reason you can’t find it, you risk to have a different vacation – not as pleasant and even disappointing!

Depending to the destination you have chosen to visit, you must bring in your pocket different documents… If you travel within the country you live, you will only need your ID, driving license and that is all. But if you travel to some distant destination, you may need a passport, NEXUS card and some other important documents. The NEXUS card is of most importance! – But why?

The NEXUS card is a special pass that you can use when traveling between Canada and the U.S. Since many people hate to wait too long at the airport, on the border for a customs check and whenever it is, they use this card and never hit the road without it… Especially when it comes to family travels. – Everybody knows that when traveling with the whole family, both the fastness and the comfort are an irreplaceable “friend” for every parent! If you do not believe us, just remember the last time when you hited the road with your kids… – How was it? – Perfect, or more likely you dreamed for a faster one?

If you prefer to move faster than the other travelers and think that the long waiting is not for you, then you surely need a NEXUS card! It will make your dream for a perfect travel come true; it will give you the chance to cross the border of Canada or America very fast, and the best part – you will be able to enjoy that 5 years!

If you want this card, just go and get it. Apply for it and enjoy your next crossing the borders of the U.S. and Canada. Organize your family vacation while thinking how fast you will rich your destination, as well as that you won’t be forced to wait endless at the airport… Your kids will be also very happy to travel in this way… No child loves to wait when the other children are already in their hotel and even have already fun!! Be always first and forget about the waiting. You deserve much more…

To apply for a NEXUS card is easy. Very easy! There are just several steps that will take you to the final – or to the approval for a membership in the NEXUS program. Follow them very carefully and make sure that you have filled-in the application form properly. If something is missing (part of your personal data), you may have to fill-in the application form once again and respectively the approval will be delayed!

If you apply only for you, the steps are 4. But if you apply for the whole family, the steps are even less – just 3. – Surprisingly, right? It is not logical, but it is true! If you want to get a NEXUS family package and apply for it, the steps are less, the procedure is faster and everything is easier than if you are a stand-alone candidate for a NEXUS card! Take advantage of that…


First you have to download the application form, and then of course to fill-in it. Secondly, you have to send the completed form by email and together with that to pay the fee. Note that all children under 18 shouldn’t pay this fee! It is valid only for adults, as that is another one plus for the NEXUS program!

Well, at some point, some of our documents expire. They must be renewed in short terms, as if you do this before the date of expiration, it will be great! But not every document will allow you to do that. Some of them must be renewed in 5 days after their expired date (for example) and not before the date. The NEXUS cards are different… Once again they will provide you with excellent opportunity to take actions in time, to make easier things and to enjoy your renewed document earlier!

Renew your NEXUS card 180 before the expiration date and continue to use it. Always be a happy traveler who doesn’t know what an endless waiting is. Enjoy your movement between Canada and the U.S. as usual, no matter how you travel (by air, by boat and by land)!

The number of the steps when renewing your NEXUS card is the same – 3 or 4. Depending on what kind or traveler you are – solo or family. The choice is yours!

The NEXUS program is a trusted-traveled program that “loves” the applicants who do not have a criminal record. And if you once have received an approval, but now you apply for the second time, the chance to get again a NEXUS card is more than 95%. The other 5% are just in case – some of the members have a changed citizen or some other changed information that is actually an obstacle!

We would like to say (and always will) that to travel with the NEXUS program is the best way for you to reach faster Canada and the U.S.! Apply for your NEXUS card even now and be sure that this will be the best decision you have ever made!