Croatia or Bulgaria – always suitable destinations!

Autumn is just behind the corner… This picturesque season is probably (and even for sure) the most beautiful and expected time of year. When the summer is gone and you can’t go to the beach for having fun, the only option for you is take advantage of the autumn coolness and to visit some amazing resort!

Wherever you go in Europe after the summer season, you will have the chance to spend the same unforgettable vacation as if you hit the road in June. And even that the beach is not as attractive as during the hottest months, have in mind that along the beach you can also spend a pleasant time.

As we already said, the autumn is the most beautiful time of year to which everyone enjoys with all their heart. You can go to the mountain, you can go to the sea, or to visit some romantic village in the middle of nowhere and still to have a nice time! Yes, even that the summer is almost over, you can spend a holiday that you will never forget. See where this place is and stay here!

Hvar, Croatia, August 25, 2014: Hvar island turquoise beach and stone church in Dalmatia, Croatia. Hvar church is famous ancient monument visited by many tourist.

When it comes to romance, beauty and sights from different epochs, there are no two opinions that Croatia holidays is on the top of the list for most of holiday lovers. This land is amazing, gorgeous and breathtaking with its old, ancient towns that are not only suitable for family vacations, but for any other kind of holidays too! Maybe you know about the city of Dubrovnik (the most famous place among the tourists in Croatia) or about the Plitvice lakes National Park? How do you think about them? Are they beautiful, or you have never been there so far?

Whatever you are going to say, have in mind that every single city, village or area in Croatia are stunning and impressing. Dubrovnik worth visiting, as well as the amazing lakes… You can also go to Split, or Pula where to enjoy many sights and interesting buildings. In case you like the big cities and prefer to spend your vacation there, just book your hotel in Zagreb – the capital of Croatia! – Lots of shops and good establishments, many parks where you can take a rest after the long walks along the streets of the city – all that is waiting for you in Zagreb. The choice is yours whether to go and get it!

If you want to go to some place where to fully relax, Dubrovnik holiday is the right decision. This ancient town is like a symbol of Croatia and in addition is the most visited place among the European tourists. There you can see a lot. There you can lose yourself in the romance that is literally everywhere. And if you attend to surprise someone with romantic getaway, we do not think of a better destination than Dubrovnik…

In Dubrovnik you will find a good value for money, many nice hotels, excellent restaurants, a long list of entertainments and of course an ocean of romance! When you arrive in Dubrovnik, do not be surprised why so many people from all over the world go there for a holiday. This place combines all important factors for you to enjoy the perfect summer/autumn vacation and just like a real fairy place Dubrovnik will amaze you with its magnificent sunsets and sunrises! Remember every moment in the city and do not forget to go to the city fortress walls that are the emblem of the city!

We continue with our guidance regarding where and how to spend a lovely autumn vacation. There is another country in Europe that can be ranked as the best destination for holidays throughout the year! You can go there in July and to visit the Black Sea coast. You can also use your leave to enjoy the mountains of Bulgaria, as the only thing you will need among the nature is a camera and comfortable sneakers… Of course, do not forget about a bottle of water – even that in the forest you can find many springs, take a bottle with you. You never know how long you will stay in the forest and where will take you the mysterious eco path you are walking on!


Bulgaria is famous as one of the most picturesque countries in Europe that has both amazing nature and magnificent seashore… If you are looking for such a place, hurry up and book a hotel in Bulgaria! You have to choose where to go and how to spend your family/solo vacation, as depending to your decision; you will have a good option.

We recommend you to visit as many as possible places and towns in Bulgaria. Believe us, you will see many breathtaking views, many impressing villages and sights that hardly can be ranked as “standard”, just because the country of Bulgaria is unique and everything there is unique as well…

If you still would like to “catch” the last sun rays over the beach, go to some of the Bulgarian summer resorts. There are many as each of them has lots to offer even in September! Prices are lower, people are less and all that is good for you… You will enjoy a pleasant family vacation without being too hot and without the crowds that are available in the beginning of the summer season! – Think about that.

Sunny Beach may be a good decision when it comes to summer vacations in Bulgaria. You will see there so many hotels and establishments that hardly you will be able to remember them all. And it is not necessary… Note that this place is called also the place of the ALL Incisive hotels, as almost every accommodation offers advantages tourist packages and attractive discounts for the end of the season too.

Do not miss the chance to spend your summer/autumn vacation in Bulgaria. Even that this land is small, does not give way to anything on the other bigger European countries when it comes to beauty, magnetism and well-developed sorts! Enjoy it!