If it is time to renew your NEXUS card…

Canada is a more than beautiful country… It is gorgeous, wonderful and definitely worth visiting. If you have the chance to go there for a while or for a long time, that’s great and we can only wish you have a nice stay!

On the other hand, the U.S. is also magnificent land… Since it is located very near Canada, to go there for a day will be very easy and even a must! You do not have to miss the opportunity to see both Canada and America during your holiday in this area, as the only thing you should pay attention is to find some way to move faster

nexus pass - canada - usa

For all the holidaymakers who come from Europe or somewhere else, there is no way for them to move faster between the borders of Canada and the U.S. But for the people who live in some of these countries, to pass the customs check immediately is not only possible, but even like a playgame… – Only if you have a NEXUS card!!

If you have the happiness to be a proud citizen of Canada or the U.S. and in the same time love to travel between these two lands, no doubt you have a NEXUS card, right? Or even that it is strange – you have not?

Why you have not been a member yet and wait on the lines every time when you have to hit the road to Canada or America, why you do that? Why you miss the chance to enjoy perfect movement between the borders since there is a way to provide you with that? Honestly, you are just wasting your time…

Some of you may say that they have NEXUS cards but are expired and have to renew them. But for some reason, the same people still cannot find time to deal with this, instead of the easy way of renewal! They just should apply in order to get an approval for renewal of the NEXUS membership and then to keep traveling with its NEXUS card.

If you know how amazing every NEXUS card is, if you are completely convinced that worth traveling by using it and in addition you think that every Canadian or American citizen has to have such a card, just apply. Apply for getting your first NEXUS card or for renewal of your existing one. Be away from the lines on the border and travel as never before. All this is possible only with NEXUS.