Which type of preschool education is available in Sofia and which option to choose

Nowadays, private education is becoming more and more relevant. It seems to have become a trend, because it is associated with excellent academic results, even in the preschool stage. For example, the english kindergarten Sofia ABC KinderCare Centre is among the most desirable educational institutions in Sofia, where every child will receive preschool training at the highest level. And not only this…

Private or public preschool education – which one to bet on

When boys and girls ages 2 to 6 are in an environment where they are cared for and receive enough attention, they will enter first grade confident and have the self-confidence that they have good skills and knowledge. That’s why it’s worth investing in this kind of education – because your child will get an excellent start in life, and you’ll have peace of mind about his well-being.

Of course, state kindergartens are also not a bad option, but there are many children in a group, which does not allow to approach individually and pay attention to each child separately. Take this into account and make your choice, considering every single possibility and detail. And last but not least, there are the fees – public preschool education is completely free, and private education is paid, but they are justified, because the little ones get the best of the academic world.

What you can expect from the prestigious variant

English kindergarten Sofia is also among the option when it comes down to your child’s preschool education. The place is visited by children of foreigners who live permanently in Bulgaria or reside temporarily. However, many people from our country also decide to bet on an English-speaking environment so that the little ones can learn the language in the early years of their lives. Here’s what you can expect from places like ABC KinderCare Centre:

  • friendly environment that helps children to adapt more easily – children are extremely sensitive, which puts their good emotional state first in the English kindergarten Sofia. The teachers in the private kindergarten are not just educators, but friends and people who can be trusted. This builds a fulfilling relationship between them and the little ones in the education center;
  • interesting activities that engage the attention of the little ones – they are completely age-appropriate and are varied in type to maintain interest in the learning material;
  • modern base – if there are conditions, there are results. This applies with full force to places like kindergartens, where it is imperative that the atmosphere is pleasant for children. Only then will they be able to relax and devote themselves to the academic process without grieving all the time about mom and dad.

Do not hesitate to enroll your child in a private kindergarten where the environment is international and innovative. Little boys and girls get a chance to become global citizens of the world and face life’s challenges with self-confidence.

Which English kindergarten in Sofia to choose

Become part of the community of positive parents who share the values of European educational institutions – in places like ABC KinderCare Centre teachers work on the newest programs in the academic system, which guarantees perfect results at all levels. That’s why you can confidently bet on this kindergarten where every child is unique, special and loved by the preschool center team.

How to apply

The first step is to make the decision that you want your child to attend a private kindergarten. Once you’re done with this step, it’s time to move on to the next one – taking care of the documentary part. Fill in your details on the online platform, then make an appointment to see where your little one will be studying. Make the final decision and enjoy the process. It will be really nice!