What is OCR software – forms processing and what results to expect

There is a lot of talk about the automation of work processes, about the introduction of artificial intelligence to company structures in order to rationalize and optimize accounting activities. There is a great logic in all this, because thanks to such software solutions, not only the company’s reputation is improved, but also labor costs are saved.

Solutions like ocr software – forms processing by Smart Soft are one of the best decisions that every company can make when it comes down to improving the work process in every respect. In today’s article we will talk more about what is achieved with this software and why more and more modern companies are choosing it instead of continuing to rely solely on manual document processing.

What is OCR software – forms processing?

Before automating the workflow, we need to inform ourselves a little more about this topic. what we can expect, what are the future results and how to work with such a program – all this will become clear in the following lines.

First of all, you need to know that the ocr software – forms processing is a huge convenience when it comes to processing a large volume of documents. Large companies that deal with hundreds of forms, contracts and other documents every day they need to find a solution with which their processing is quick and easy, but above all – does not take a lot of time for the employees.

Let’s also add the fact that during manual processing it is very likely that technical errors will be made that cost money, time and even the reputation of the company. In this train of thoughts, the use of ocr software – forms processing turns out to be very imperative for the workflow to go well and the results to be really good.

If in the past intelligent data capture was a utopia, today it is standard practice for every major company. Thanks to solutions like ocr software – forms processing extracting data from forms with a predictable structure is much easier than if this process were done manually.

The application is suitable for the processing of contracts, questionnaires, bills of lading and other documents that enter the information channel every day. All of them are typical for sectors such as the construction industry, industry, wholesale trade and many others – the bigger the company, the bigger its archive of documents, the manual processing of which often turns out to be even impossible

What types of documents is the software designed for?

You are probably wondering what types of documents ocr software – forms processing is applicable for. This is completely normal, considering that the solution is part of the technological progress of our time, which, however, not everyone is aware of. Here is some useful information on the subject:

  • it would be useful to know that the software is applicable for forms with precise structure, for forms that are semi-structured and for forms that are unstructured. Structured forms are the easiest to process because they are predictable – these are government forms, tests and insurance claims. they all have a uniform layout, which makes extracting data from them extremely easy;
  • however, the same cannot be said for semi-structured and unstructured forms, which are defined as “challenging” in their automatic processing. Examples of such documents are bills of lading and invoices, which are characterized by minor to major discrepancies related to the placement of fields in the document, the number of pages, and other significant details;
  • the most difficult to automatically process are contracts, reports and letters that do not have a fixed structure, and the discrepancies in their layout can be very serious, which can turn out to be a huge stove for easily extracting key information from them. However, solutions such as ocr software – forms processing have the potential to handle even such challenges, which makes them so sought after by large and small companies.

What has become clear so far? The fact that ocr software – forms processing is an extremely good solution for any company, with the help of which optimization and rationalization of the work process is achieved. Although there are certain difficulties that may arise, the presence of this software in company structures can be a game changer


If you want the execution of tasks in the accounting department not only to be quick and easy, but also for your employees to focus on important topics (sometimes critical), choose ocr software – forms processing by Smart Soft and change the work policy. In the long term, excellent results await you, which you will not be able to achieve if you rely only on the manual extraction of information from the documents received by the company.

Learn more about this smart solution right now and don’t compromise on the quality of service you offer to your customers and partners!