Automated document processing – what is it and how is it useful for business?

Some things are better to have. Such as the automated document processing software that makes the life of today’s accountants many times easier and more enjoyable. And yes, today everyone has access to a similar program, with which the organization and analysis of information from company documents will be problem-free and banal mistakes of a financial and other nature will not be allowed. Isn’t it worth implementing into the structures of every modern company?

What possibilities the automatic processing of invoices by Smart Soft offers?

Automated document processing is not the utopia as it was the case in the not too distant past. We are used to working with documents every day and processing them completely manually as well – today accounting departments can benefit from innovative software solutions that will make information extraction and other key steps many times easier to perform. Smart Soft’s software offers exactly this possibility. The possibilities in this case are the following:

  • error-free distribution of information from pdf media – one of the key steps in correct invoice processing is extracting the important information. This can also be done completely automatically if special software is implemented for the purpose. Here there are several options for extracting the data – from a pdf document, from a scanned document, from web portals and from emails. The idea is to achieve effective management of company invoices, which is also important for company stability;
  • classification with maximum accuracy – this step could make it difficult for every employee in the accounting department, as the classification of the documents can take a lot of time, and also trivial mistakes can be made in sorting them. Therefore, it is better to bet on automatic solutions, such as those of Smart Soft. It enables intelligent recognition and management of the volume of documents received in company structures;
  • extraction of key information – thanks to a number of custom settings, it is possible to retrieve different types of data necessary for error-free accounting. Among the possibilities in this case is obtaining information from tables, signatures, supplier names, etc. validation is also an important point during this process;
  • validation and export – here we find an increase in accuracy, improve machine learning, and then move on to export to the database. After all these automatic steps, the accounting is optimized repeatedly, and the results for the company and its employees are positive in every way.

Automatic document processing is something without which large companies would have a hard time managing their invoices and not only that. If we take a closer look, the positives in financial terms are also not few – labor costs are saved, but more importantly, relations with suppliers and partners are improved, as errors in document processing and pricing are almost absent.

What does the process of intelligent processing of company documents – IDP include?

When it comes to automatic processing of documents of different types, the conveniences and benefits for the company turn out to be leading in this case. Automatic classification, maintenance of documents of different structure (from unstructured to fully structured), integration with different systems, etc. here’s a little more on the subject:

  • various possibilities in the processing of invoices – thanks to AI (artificial intelligence), OCR (optical character recognition) is possible, which is applicable not only to invoices, but also to contracts and forms;
  • Smart Soft Invoices is something that big companies can’t do without nowadays – modern business needs effective solutions that lead to cost reduction and work process optimization. And this is entirely possible with the software of Smart Soft, which was created for the benefit of modern companies that constantly strive to streamline the entry and processing of data from incoming and outgoing documents;
  • a variety of enterprise-level functions – intelligent scanning of documents and automatic data extraction from them is accompanied by the possibility of scalability and customized configurations, with which any task will be carried out with meticulous accuracy;
  • long feature list – detailed analytics and reports, classification, validation, plugin customizations, seamless integration and many more features are available to companies that decide to use automated document processing software.

Scanning, data extraction and classification – with Smart Soft’s automatic invoice processing software, each of these tasks is completely doable. Artificial intelligence is the thing that is determined to be increasingly necessary for today’s companies, whose task is to optimize the work process and make it more efficient.

What are the benefits for a company in the long run?

Every single company, large and small, could operate much better if it is implemented Smart Soft’s software into their structures. It is defined as flexible, easy to integrate, with the ability to process thousands and even millions of documents on a monthly basis. Among the tasks it can perform is the automatic processing of documents, their classification, OCR, PDF solutions and other useful functions that are worth taking advantage of.