The ancient city of Sozopol – your place for romantic holiday in November! See this!

It is already winter outside and the wheatear is cold… Nevertheless, it is absolutely possible to have an exciting holiday with your family on some amazing and romantic place even if this place is not in the mountain! You can be on the seacoast enjoying magnificent sunsets and the cool sea breeze…

Here is the moment we to mention one the most beautiful and breathtaking holiday destination in Europe – the ancient city of Sozopol – November holiday destination number one! Located in southeastern Bulgaria, this amazing place welcomes thousands of holiday lovers every year, as the romantic atmosphere attracts many couples in love all the time!


Due to the fact that Sozopol is the oldest city on the Black Sea coast and also is one of the most ancient in the hole Europe, the number of tourists that are fans of the history and the cultural tourism is increased with every passing year /by visiting Sozopol you can learn lots of interesting historical fact, as well as to see many well preserved relics from the distant past…/.

Although now it is not a summer time, being in the ancient city of Sozopol, you will have an unforgettable holiday that will be filled with many positive emotions and nice moments…

In Sozopol there are many small and cozy hotels and quest houses where you will be welcome, while the kind staff will take care of all your needs! Likewise, in this incredible city you will find many working restaurants offering delicious Bulgarian cuisine and lots of fun /the Bulgarian taverns are famous with its cheerful environment and melodic folklore music, as well as are a guarantee for your good mood…/!

As for the overflowing romance in Sozopol, take into account that this place is the perfect choice for you and your beloved one, because the beauty that this city is hiding will make you feel really good and strongly inspired! The sea sunsets and breathtaking night views, the quietness and calmness, the beautiful old houses and small cobblestone streets… all this creates an unforgettable sensation in every guest and we highly recommend to go there and see with your own eyes all the magnetism of Sozpol!