End of tenancy Cleaning Guildford, UK

Hey there, pleasure to be back from some mountain vacation in Bulgaria. Today I want to tell you that I change the city that I live in, as you may know I was in Guildford for quite some time and love every second of it, but it is time to go to the great city of London and change my life around.

This endeavor stimulate me to write you down about my experience with end of tenancy cleaning Guildford and the company that I hire to do this quite an important for me task.

As you may know this kind of cleaning service is very popular for a lot of reasons, most of them is connected with you taking your deposit back. For me this was quite an important thing, the money is a little tight right now. So I hire Variety Cleaning – not well know company, but I thought that they have good pricing and looks like they know what they are doing (I  review a lot of picture before/after on their page)

What do they clean?

  • Bedroom – they clean all wardrobes and drawers, they polish the mirrors and all the interior windows there are.
  • Bathroom – this was a quite a mess, the bathroom of my apartment is not in the best condition, it is a bit old and looks dirty even if it is cleaned… they manage this situation as best as they can.
  • Kitchen – no worries, we kept this part of the house in good shape over the years.
  • Living room – like the kitchen It was O.K. but they perform some incredible dusting of our sofa and now looks new and in order ( I am not sure that was the case when I hire this house, but whatever)

So they clean all the things I needed, I paid them and this is it. I love it, they do all the work in 3-4 hours. My deposit is back and I am traveling to London. Stay tuned for amazing stories there.