Bulgaria – the country that is always on the top of our list when it comes down to sea destinations!

We love the bright sun that abounds during the summer season! We love the sea and its breeze, as to go for a week somewhere where we can spend unforgettable emotions is simply a must!! Since the winter is over, we have no patience to hit the road to some incredible summer destination and even we have decided where exactly to go… We attend to spend an excellent summer with Bulgaria Holidays!!

Bulgaria – the country that is always on the top of our list when it comes down to sea destinations, good travel deals, family-friendly hotels, delicious food on so on and so on. If we had to make a choice between Bulgaria and some other European destination, definitely our choice will be Bulgaria! This cozy, small land is hiding incredible natural resources, while its summer resorts are more than good!! They are even perfect, they are well-developed and together with that they are quite cheap… If you have a family of 4 and are looking for some good travel deal, just be informed that if you go to Bulgaria, you will find it!


Summer resorts in the amazing country of Bulgaria are many. There are places suitable for tourists who do not like the noise and need relaxation among peaceful and quite environment. In this case, we strongly recommend them to go to Sozopol or Nessebar – the perfect places for people who love the history, the ancient culture and the romance! Both cities are famous like the oldest cities in Europe, while there you can see many remarkable sights, carrying the spirit of the distant and ancient past!

For those holidaymakers who need to spend lots of exciting, summer nights, surrounded by crowds of people and lots of attractions, there are no two opinions, that the perfect destination for them is the well-known and even legendary Sunny Beach resort!

Being there, you will be able to have a nice time at the beach (even in the night), you will have the chance to dine in very good restaurants, as well as to have fun after the sun goes down in really attractive and modern night clubs! So, if you are not a traveling parent and are looking for new experiences and emotions, go to Sunny Beach and feel the atmosphere of this wonderful resort!

Of course, there also are places along the Black Sea coast that are not as famous as Sunny Beach resort, but worth visiting too. And if you make a short research on the Internet, will see how many options for a summer holidays in Bulgaria you have. Take advantage of them!