Golden Sands resort –  a real summer fairy tale! See this!

When it comes to your summer holiday, everyone has a certain image in their mind /endless sands, crystal clear water, beach bars and many attractions…/. If all of this is combined with captivating nature, your stay at the sea will transform into a real summer fairy tale! If you have already started dreaming about the upcoming trip, do not stop, because we are here to help you make your dreams come true!

Golden Sands, Bulgaria – the perfect destination for all your family!

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Golden Sands resort – yes, not coincidentally this place has this kind of name… The sand there is of golden color, it is very fine and clean. The coastline is with a length of 100 m and is famous for being one of the best in Europe. There you can practice water sports, swimming or just enjoy the bright sun! Except the great conditions for sunbathing, you can take long walks among some wonderful nature too. Golden Sands resort is part of the Nature Park with the same name and is declared as preserved territory. There you can see a variety of plants, as well as hear the song of different types of birds while walking along the eco-paths.

Because of the unique both fauna and flora, Golden Sands is a place where many events of different types are conducted. There you can organize business seminars and trainings, as the resort allows you to combine work and pleasure.

When it comes to prices, here we can mention that in Golden Sands they are highly competitive regarding hotels, food, entertainment and so on.

If you have some free time, we recommend you to visit the beautiful city of Varna, which is just 17 km away from Golden Sands resort. There you can go shopping, or take a walk in the huge park.

As far as the nightlife in Golden Sands, take into account that there are many attractive night clubs, discos and restaurants perfect for your end of the day!

Go to Golden Sands in the summer and be sure that this will be your golden chance for an unforgettable experience!