What we need to do before we vacate the accommodation

Are you renting an apartment in England’s capital and largest city? Maybe it is time for you to leave this apartment and to find another one, or to purchase your own property. If that is the case, you will be needing an end of tenancy thorough cleanup so you can part with your landlord or landlady in good terms and make a good impression.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is the easiest way to do this but it is often too expensive and occupying as you need to have a team of people in your house for at least 4-5 hours depending on the service. That said, if you decide to tackle this task on your own then you are going to need some tips on how to do it quickly, thoroughly and at low cost.

End of tenancy cleaning – what is it about

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moving to another home

The end of tenancy cleaning London is a thorough, overall deep cleanup of the living space including every single room in the house that will make the apartment/house shiny and ready for its new tenants. It is definitely important what kind of impression you will leave for your landlord once you are leaving his or her property.

When you move into your new home you would like to find it spotlessly clean and move in ready so do it for the people coming in after you. You might think that a deep house cleanup is a very taunting, time consuming almost impossible task that will push you over the edge but here are some tips that will guide you through it and save you time and energy. Check https://www.guild-of-master-sweeps.co.uk/ for useful tips and advices.

Start with the difficult places to clean

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Tackle the bathroom, toilet and kitchen area (including the oven) to get the hard tasks out of the way. When you are toward the end of the cleanup you will feel quite tired and won’t feel like cleaning an oven or scrubbing a toilet.

Disinfect all sanitary areas, countertops, fridge and shower. Scrub sinks and toilet, remove limestone and refresh. Clean your oven externally and internally, put degreaser, antibacterial chemical and refresh. Clean all cupboards and drawers and remove all the dust. Vacuum and mop the floor and clean the windows as well.

Move on to the living room and sleeping areas:

  • Clean your mattress and your soft furniture remove any visible stains;
  • Vacuum the carpets and flooring;
  • Clean the dust off any shelves, TV entertainment sets;
  • Treat all upholstery with detergent if you have the time and if it is necessary;
  • Open all the windows in the house and let fresh air circulate to give the house a neutral smell.

If you have an upcoming moving out and you are hoping to get your complete deposit then roll up your sleeves and follow these easy steps or make your own and get this apartment back to being brand new!