Hand in hand on the way to a new beginning – ABC Kinder Care Centre is always there for you to support your children

From a moment anyone finds out the news about having a baby, aside from all the positive emotions and joy they feel, they are also entering the world of parenthood. As the ones responsible not only for the health and well- being of their children but also for their development and upbringing, parents always want to make sure that they are making the best possible choices. Every stage of a little one’s development is extremely important and in the beginning our job mostly is to keep them alive and happy. However, kids grow up so fast that most of us don’t realize when it’s time for the next step.

What are the advantages of modern kindergartens

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There are many parents nowadays that choose to keep their children at home until it’s time for their first day of school and skip kindergarten or Sofia preschool. However, this is such an important experience for a number of reasons:

  • Early development: the younger we are the easier it is for our brains to memorize different things. To shape and strengthen a child’s character and skills, starting early makes a big difference;
  • Learning social skills: by interacting with others their age, they learn social behavior, what is right and wrong and how to respect everybody and make them feel accepted;
  • Preparation for school: once they have been in an educational setting, boys and girls feel way more confident and ready for entering first grade. They have the habits and are familiar with the environment;
  • Independence: showing your child that it’s okay to spend time among others aside from their family members helps them adjust faster and helps them on developing their personal traits.

Adults who are aware of these benefits, are looking forward to finding the best establishment for their child’s early development and even make their research ahead. For foreign citizens who have come to live in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, this is a big challenge. As in government kindergartens Sofia preschool is not spoken as a main language and is provided only as an additional curriculum, this isn’t the ideal choice for such families.

This is why ABC Kinder Care has been established- to welcome families from all over the world who want to give their children an equal start in life just like local ones. It allows you to leave your son or daughter in trustworthy hands while you are making a living. This is truly a remarkable kindergarten that is like Harvard for little children. There, they will learn everything they need for their age, they will have lots of fun with endless indoor and outdoor activities and will make memories for life.

What kindergarten ABC Kinder Care Centre offers us

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With a family-like atmosphere, kids in ABC are nurtured, encouraged and treated with respect. You might also choose it because it has:

  • A tight-knit relationship between parents, teachers and the children: this allows you to exchange opinions with other moms and dads and keeps you always involved in your little one’s experience in kindergarten;
  • The highest standard of academic curriculums and qualified staff: by partnering with elite universities and COBIS, ABC Kinder Care gets access to the best teaching programs and methods. When you add ambitious staff, for whom taking care of children is a vocation, you have the highest chance for success;
  • A welcoming environment: modern facilities that provide a big choice in activities helps the kids stay entertained and work on their skills, whatever they may be. Caregivers always make sure to nurture and encourage them to keep unleashing their potential;
  • Security: ABC Kinder Care has made its name, by working with families since 2008 and expanding by founding a few buildings in numerous locations. The experience with about 20 nationalities from all over the world surely makes them qualified enough to trust with your offspring.

If you want the best, most fun and innovative kindergarten for your son or daughter and your primary language is English, then this is the place for you. The only thing you need to do is to register in a few simple steps, make an appointment for a tour of the premises and leave the rest to ABC Kinder Care.