What we need to know about private English kindergarten and which is the best in Sofia

There is hardly a parent who is not ready for everything for his child. As soon as the child is born, we start to take care of him and worry about his comfort and safety, and over time these cares are transformed into something much more -upbringing, education and preparation for real life teaching the kid important values, how to communicate fully with others, etc.

Going to kindergarten is also a key stage in the growth of every child, because this change is associated with many emotions and different situations that the kid will have to face. English-language kindergarten Sofia ABC Kinderwill support you in this endeavor welcoming your children in the best possible way. Check the international kindergarten fees Sofia and plan the future of your children.

Let’s first talk about the benefits of ABC Kinder Centre Care in Sofia

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If sending a child to kindergarten is something completely new for you, you will certainly have many questions, which we will answer in the following lines. The first thing is to find out what are the advantages of a private study before investing in this type of training for your child. Here they are:

  • Always an individual approach to, each child;
  • Learning through fun and playful methods that hold children’s attention and improve their concentration. It also arouses their interest in acquiring new knowledge and skills;
  • Comfortable, beautiful and cozy atmosphere;
  • Modern equipment and furniture;
  • A team of very good educators who will take good care of your kids;
  • Outdoor activities and creative activities that help children to demonstrate their talents and skills;
  • Fees that are consistent with the quality of services offered;
  • Good integration of each child admitted to the garden;
  • Guaranteed safety.

Now you already know why ABC Kinder Centre Care in Sofia is the best solution for your child. In case you are English and looking for a suitable school for your child, submit your documents now and pay the initial fee, which is non-refundable.

What are the fees

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Kindergarten as ABC Kinder Centre Care in Sofia has a lot to offer to its customers. From quality education to a special approach to each child – your kids are definitely safe hands and you won’t have to worry about anything. Therefore trust this place completely and find out about the fees as follows:

  • Annual installment/on a full day basis – 7100 Euro;
  • In two installments every six months/ on a full day basis – 3620 Euro;
  • In four installments/on a full day basis – 1840 Euro and 1280 euro on a half day basis;
  • Registration fee which is one-time and applies to all when submitting documents – 307 Euro .

It is important for you to know that these fees do not include food and transport. The fees are paid only by bank transfer and within the strictly established terms of the kindergarten. Each year the fees are subject to revision which could lead to their change of which you will be notified immediately.

What is the main mission of ABC Kinder Centre Care

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creative activities

The main values of this kindergarten are related to the fact that your child has more happy moments in his life. Confidence and motivation to achieve high academic success and not only – we strive to instill in each of our young graduates those qualities that all parents define as mandatory. The team of professionals relies on innovative methods and a different approach to conducting classes to help your children get to know the world in an exciting and memorable way. The center provides a calm and friendly environment in which each child will feel in his place and well received by his teachers and friends.