The city of Nessebar – your place for an exciting and fulfilling summer holiday!

Do you know what is the recipe for an exciting and fulfilling summer holiday? Are you still wondering how to make a perfect choice for an unforgettable trip? Do not worry, we are here to help you with this matter.

One of the best Bulgarian destinations for a summer holiday is undoubtedly the city of Nessebar. Beautiful sands, dynamic night life, romance and richness of History and culture – you can discover all these things by visiting Nessebar Bulgaria. We recommend you this place, because we are sure, that you will have one of the best summer holidays ever. Combining all the factors, necessary for a fabulous vacation, this city welcomes thousands of holidaymakers each summer image406-10

Nessebar is located to the south of the city of Burgas, on a small island and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It is devided into two parts – the Old town of Nessebar and the New one.

Most of the tourists stay at the anciant part of the city, enjoying the numerous landmarks and romantic views.

If you are interested in studying different cultures and history, then this is your place!

There you will be able to visit a lot of renovated and well preserved churches too, as on the territory of Nessebar they are 42 in number!

In the middle of the isthmus, deviding both parts of the city, there is the old windmill.

It is the most distinctive symbol of Nessebar and is an inspiration for both tourists and people of art. Walking along the small meandering streets, watching the fabulous antique houses, you will fall in love with this city.

Speaking of love, here can be mentioted that Nessebar is the perfect place for a summer holiday with your beloved one. Every couple can try a boat trip, can watch the lovely picturesque sunsets and dine at some cozy restaurant while listening to nice music … The opportunities abound and you can do everything you want! It sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Yes, we strongly recommend you to visit Nessebar during the summer season and are sure that you will be completly satisfied with this city.