The ancient city of Sozopol. Read this!

When it comes to ancient cities, everyone thinks of Sozopol, which is only 35km remote from the city of Burgas. Known for its unique atmosphere, Sozopol each year welcomes and attracts thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

You will be charmed from the amazing Sozopol destination, so we are recommending you to visit it as soon as possible.

If you choose to spend your vacation there, you will be charmed, no doubt, by the beauty of this city. Plenty of old, antique houses and meandering cobblestoned streets, makes the city one of the most desired holiday destination at Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Here you can be with your beloved one, enjoying a romantic atmosphere and beautiful summer sunsets.0819bbf49f7c5bd8f9f0db3bf9c5313cea07f122

Sozopol has a rich history and culture, that you can feel through seeing the remains of antiquity, the ruins of fortified walls, the Basilica in the center of the city and many others.

In 1974 the town was declared for a museum and all the houses are preserved in their authentic look. The building ‘s architecture is typically Ancient-Bulgarian, while the construction is stone-wooden.

This place is an inspiration to any painter or a creator and there often are held artistic events for students.

In 2011 Sozopol was ranked on first place in the “Wonders of Bulgaria”, because of the extraordinary discovery by archaeologists. They found relics of St. John the Baptist, which are kept in the city temple till now.

In the city are held a number of interesting events and concerts, while the art in any form is in abundance. You can see also a lot of artists and people which are making handmade souvenirs and jewelry.

Near Sozopol there are a lot of camping sites where you will enjoy the beautiful beaches and summer fun.

As for the possibilities for a hotel accommodation, the city offers to the quests a variety of modern and old hotels. Likewise, there are on the tourists disposal cozy restaurants from which you will enjoy unique sea view and atmosphere. The food in the restaurants is typical of the region and you will be able to try different traditional and seafood dishes.

At the very near from Sozopol is Ropotamo Reserve. It provides boating, and then you can take a launch in the local restaurant.

Certainly the choice to spend your vacation, or just to take a walk in the Black Sea town of Sozopol is one good decision.

Full of beauty and romance, it will leave in you unforgettable memories and you’ll definitely want to go back there again!