In house cleaning – professional help

Hey there today we want to tell you about the professional flat and house cleaning services in London in general. There are many cleaning companies that can take care of your house or apartments/flat. Today we want to embrace one of them, because we really love their service and attention to the details in cleaning and most important they act like pros and were quite polite. This company is VIP Cleaning London. We do not like the branding or the name, but behind this name there is a full team with years (way more than 10 years) of experience in “in house cleaning” service and other services that they offer:

  • End of tenancy
  • Deep cleaning
  • One off cleaning
  • After builders cleaning (one of the most innovative and hard to DIY)
  • Regular
  • Carpet
  • Upholstery
  • Car upholstery
  • Oven cleaning
  • Bathroom cleaning (one of the most frustrating thing to do with your time)
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Windows Cleaning (strongly recommending for business)
  • Commercial cleaning services

As you can see they have a ton of services and they are quite good at it. Yes they are not the most cheaply cleaning company, but hey they are worth it.

Another thing to mention is that using these kind of services you safe a ton of time and you will have time to do what you want, to spend time with your family or friends or both… you can go on a vacation (yes you can, you will save more than 7 days a year when you do not do your cleaning!)

We think that cleaning yourself is a thing in a past, this is 20th century stuff, not 21st. The prices are good, the competition is great and you will get amazing service for the best price, this is especially right if you live to London.

That said we cover most of the important aspects of the services that the cleaning company cover, so stay tuned for more detailed look in each of them with their pros and cons.