Explore our first mountain hiking, skiing destination – Bansko, Bulgaria!

In this our first article we will present you one of the best resorts in Europe for winter ski holidays, this resort is Bansko, located in great country of Bulgaria. We will explain the exact location and possibilities for ski and winter sports holidays. This resort is great for family vacation or nightlife lovers… So let’s start!

In the southwestern Bulgaria is situated the amazing town of Bansko, which is located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains (see Wikipedia, here) at an elevation of 927m above sea level. See picture of Pirin here:pirin_pano0


The beautiful resort, which is the winter capital of the Balkans is no less desirable, preferred and favorite destination for a leisure than the summer resorts on the Black Sea. It was established on the tourist market as a leading destination for vacation, offering a summer holiday among magnificent mountains and wonderful lakes. There you can spend a lot of time watching the compelling nature and walking through the woods.ski

Because of the fact that many of the tourists are interested in a summer vacation on the Pirin Mountains, the number of the holidaymakers yearly is increased. The Pirin offers a wide range of natural resources and abundant beauty, attracting more and more people from different parts of the world.

Thousands of Bulgarian and foreign tourists visit Bansko during the summer season, as the resort itself is also a hosts for a variety of events such as the International Jazz Festival 2013 etc.

With each step made by you along the fabulous eco paths and the hiking trails, the nature definitely will impress you with amazing and breathtaking views of the nature. In this place you can get away from the daily routine as well as to immerse completely in the unique and peaceful ambience. You can see the piste map it is really huge!skimap-image2

The visits to various magical places also offer a variety of interesting activities, memorable excursions and many different opportunities for a various tourism program, sealed with photos of landmarks such as Lake Eye, Banderishka lawn or Vihren.The art people will be inspired by the stay in Bansko and will have a great opportunity to make some paintings. This will be some great memory and you assuredly will think of it for a long time.

Anyone who wants to get closer to the beautiful Bulgarian Mother Nature has to chose Bansko as a holiday destination during the summer or the winter season.

Clean air, the freshness of the mountain and the rich cultural program is an unbeatable combination that makes the resort an attractive destination for a lot of people.

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Thanks for reading this amazing article, we hope that we direct you in the right way… see ya soon! All best!

See this amateur video of some mountain lover, explire BANSKO !