What is the reason for being the mountain resort of Borovets so desired holiday destination? Read this!

Today we would like to present to all the fans of skiing and mountain tourism one of the biggest and most famous ski-resorts in the lovely country of Bulgaria – the attractive resort of Borovets!

This wonderful winter destination provides perfect conditions necessary for having a great and unforgettable vacation in the mountain /lots of ski and snowboard runs, lift facilities and amazing picturesque nature… all that will impress you and make your stay really exciting/.


Situated in the Rila Mountain, Borovets charms the thousands of tourists with its incredible landmarks, as well as with the variety of nice hotels and attractive restaurants that offer delicious Bulgarian cuisine /by visiting some of the restaurants in Borovets, you will have the chance to try lots of tasty dishes and interesting in taste beverages that are typically for this country/.

The reason why the ski resort of Borovets is so visited and desired destination by the holidaymakers from all over the world is due to the fact that except all the conditions for practicing of different winter sports, there are also to the quests disposal varied services for having fulfilling relaxation /modern SPA centers where you can take an advantage of some special massage or beauty procedure after your long and dynamic ski day in Borovets…/. If you love to relax while dancing and drinking a cocktail in some attractive night club, you have to know that in Borovets there are modern discos and night bars that will contribute to your good mood!

And yet, if you are not a fan of skiing and snowboarding, but would like to have exciting time during your stay in Borovets, then do not worry, there are many thinks you can do when outside is snowy… /a walk with snowmobile, winter slide, hikes and many others/. Do not forget your camera, because in the Rila Mountain there are many breathtaking landscapes to which you can enjoy with hours… /during the winter season the nature views in this area become even more wonderful and impressing/.

One more think – the prices in the winter resort of Borovets are much lower in comparison with the other ski resorts in Europe. All we know that the cost is very important part when it comes to fulfilling family holiday in the mountain… So, we are sure that your vacation in the amazing resort of Borovets will be worth it… Go there and have fun!