Bulgaria – your next winter destination!

Did you already take a look at the tourist offers for winter holidays on the Internet? Did you find your place where to spend your next ski vacation with the family, or actually you have no time to waste for this. Still, the summer vacations are most important at this moment and in the foreground…, right?

However, it is not bad for you to get an idea about where to ski next winter. You know for sure that every early booking can provide you with very attractive discounts and your holiday may be even profitable for you! Instead to spend lots of money for one-week vacation in the mountain, you can even save!


If you think as we do and would like to learn where you can go for a week during the next ski season, don’t even think to leave this page :). Today you are going to learn something really interesting when it comes to winter breaks, so just keep reading…

Okey, let’s suppose that you love to ski but do not have enough income to go to the Alps. You are not able to afford too expensive winter holiday but in the same time your kids insist to take them to some amazing ski destination! What to do and how to organize everything so that it will be perfect?

Go to Bulgaria! Go to some of its incredible ski resorts and forget about the Alps! Well, yes, they are pretty beautiful but very expensive too, while every bulgaria skiing holiday will be cheaper and just as unforgetable as this in some other famous ski resort!

In this picturesque and captivating country there are several amazing ski resorts where your kids can experience thousands of pleasant and happy moments… In the Bulgarian mountains you and your family will have the chance to enjoy remarkable nature, as well as breathtaking views!

Let’s continue our article by telling you which the most visited and family-friendly ski resorts in Bulgaria are. Probably you know some of them or even have visited some of them, but still note that Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets are on the top when it comes to winter breaks in Bulgaria!

Excellent ski runs, cozy hotels and nice restaurants are waiting for you to go and enjoy them. – And how about the night life in the ski resorts of Bulgaria? Do you want to touch it?

Actually, you can do whatever you want while on holiday in Borovets, Bansko or Pamporovo. You can ski as much as you want; you can relax in many ways, as well as to have lots of fun after the sun goes down…