Bansko, Bulgaria – see why you must visit it next winter!

Ski season is still far away. However, you have to know where the best winter destinations are, so that when it is already time to go somewhere for a ski vacation, to have some idea… Get informed and stay here – we love to write about holidays, regardless of their type (summer, winter, spring etc.). And today we would like to make a little change – instead to tell you how wonderful the sea resorts are, as well as which they are and where they are, are going to inform you where to find the most beautiful winter destinations! Just stay here with us :).

Well the country of Bulgaria and its mountains are one of our favorite topics… Every time then it comes to this amazing land, we have so much to say. And time is never enough! There are places like Bulgaria that are so incredible and beautiful, that hardly anyone can describe them. But we will try!

Bansko Bulgaria ski

We will try to describe one of the most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria – Bansko. Yes, probably you know it and even have been there during some previous winter season, but still, there is a chance for you to learn something new about this place!

Bansko is very, very attractive ski destination. It welcomes millions of people seeking for a perfect, winter holiday and who want the best for their families! Bansko is perfect for you to learn ski, as well as to try the Bulgarian night life. And if you have kids who dream to have lots of fun among the snow – no doubts, Bansko is more than suitable for them to do that!!

Ski runs in this wonderful resort are many. Each of them is well-maintained and safe… So do not worry about your safety – no one will allow something bad to happen (especially with your children)! And if you want to be quite sure that your skiing will be perfect, visit the ski school in Bansko – it is simply the best!

Now let’s talk about the accommodations in Bansko… Are there good hotels and are they too expensive? Can we afford a good quality for less? And to stay longer… ? – Yes, definitely you can have an excellent stay at low price. All the family packages and travel deals will give you the chance to fully enjoy Bansko, as well to save some money for the next ski vacation! Sounds unrealistically but that is the true – Bansko is amazing and that is the reason why it is so visited ski resort!