Deep cleaning and regular cleaning services

Hello dear mountain hikers, soon it will be season for hiking in the most “hot” places to hike. Today, however, we want to point out something different. We know that most of our precious readers are from UK and especially from London. We also know that you love our reviews of destinations that you can visit not only for mountain hiking, but also beaching and relaxing with your family and friends.

Today we want to write for the difference between deep cleaning services and regular cleaning services. Why, you may ask? – Well it is very good time to hire a cleaning company that can clean your home, while you are on a vacation and because the cleaning company can choose a day that they can do it (you probably won’t be around for a week or so) they are happy to make discounts, because you fill their schedule.

Deep cleaning is an amazing service, which is great to perform twice a year. It is for hard core dirtiness. This service provides deep cleaning and disinfecting all parts of a house or a specific room. It is also commonly used by the mothers of young child, when they are growing teeth. You know that the kid puts everything in his month and that “everything” should be extremely clean.

Regular cleaning is another great service, but it is a little bit more commercial not so for the regular mom and dad. This service is used by property owners and those of you that have multiple houses/apartments. The company can be your weekly cleaner so to speak. You save a lot doing this you’re cleaning this way, because you are using their team in bulk and the discounts are huge. However there is a catch… you must sign a contract that bounds you to use them for an extend period of time, for example a year. So if you intent to use their weekly cleaner team, you will have 52 invoices that you must pay, for that. Still positive things outweigh the negative and it is one of the most used service in London.

This is it, we can do deeper look in deep cleaning and regular cleaning, just say yes in the comments.

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