Looking for excitement among the snow? Visit the incredible resort of Bansko, Bulgaria!

What mostly associate Bansko when you hear that name? Ski, beautiful mountain or fun? Whatever you say, keep in your mind that by going on a ski holiday in Bulgaria Bansko you will find everything you need in order to spend a great one-week or two-week ski vacation on the mountain! If you are not interested in skiing but love the nature and would like to relax among fresh air, go ahead and book your holiday today – Bansko is located in the gorgeous and very picturesque Pirin Mountains, so that you can enjoy the Mother Nature in its natural look (there are so many eco-paths and so adorable landscapes you can see that it is not even necessary to go skiing)!


Let’s assume that you are keen on winter sports and are looking for excitement among the snow – well, you are on the right track planning to visit Bansko!

But what is happen when you do not have any experience in ski? Do not worry, it only means that you have to challenge yourself by venturing into the real snowy and so exciting adventure called skiing in Bansko!

But yet, to get more confidence on the run we recommend you to call on the great ski school available in Bansko, where skiers (and first timers) go to learn more about this amazing sport! There are many blue ski slopes suited for beginners or intermediate to practice on.

When we told you that the amazing Bansko has it all so it really does. Love to visit cultural sights and museums? Well, you will be able to do it when on holiday in Bansko – there are over 100 wonderful landmarks like old houses, which are now museums and are open to visitors! If you want to touch the Bulgarian traditions and feel the spirit of this land, go to some of the local restaurants that are in tavern style and are also famous as “mehana” – you will be very surprised by the incredibly delicious meat and vegetarian dishes offered in the Bulgarian traditional establishments…

What we would say more than to wish you fully enjoy your stay in Bansko!