Pamporovo – Nature and Winter Sports. See more here!

Bulgaria is no doubt a land with captivating nature and many wonderful sights… It has a long, interesting history and impressing cultural heritage too. For us, maybe these two reasons are the answer why Bulgaria, this lovely country, is highly developed over the past few decades as a holiday destination for both winter and summer tourism!

At the time we are writing this article, it is the middle of winter/ski season, when all people who love skiing (winter holidaymakers) are looking for some sweet deals and discounts for all mountain destination, where they can experience many snowy adventures and pleasant emotions with their families…ski-hotel-pamporovo

In case you are one of them and you cannot wait to pack up and go for your much-awaited winter trip, see our attractive proposal for a ski vacation during the winter season 2017 and stay tuned for upcoming articles. We have a lot of surprises in mind, just for you…

Our favorite ski destination for this year is still the sunniest winter resort in Bulgaria – Pamporovo. Do you know that Pamporovo ski resort is the sunniest resort in whole Europe?

Holidaymakers and lovers of winter sports, from all over the world, visit every year this so adorable resort due to several reasons:

  • Excellent ski slopes perfectly suited for first-timers, intermediate and advanced (professionals);
  • Captivating nature that is so amazing during the winter season.
  • Low prices giving you the chance to stay as long as you want by paying less.

Really good reasons, right? When once visit Pamporovo, be sure that you will become a huge fan of this lovely place, you may even come back next year for more exciting adventures and fun!

roomsbg-hotel-offerLet’s pay attention to one of the most important part of every holiday – the relaxation part (right?).
Some people relax while enjoying professional massage, but some of us prefer to visit some modern and famous night club to dance all night, the nightlife of the resort is very good. We strongly recommend you to visit this site and find your best offer in Pamporovo.

In Pamporovo you can enjoy your free time with so many activities like:

  • Dining in cozy restaurants.
  • Visiting of SPA centers.
  • Enjoying the snowy fairy tale outside with a couple of coffee.

Bulgarian Secret: Another way for you to take a rest after the long day, on the ski runs, is to visit the incredible Bulgarian restaurants, also called “mehana”. Just ask some Bulgarian holidaymaker and he will give you a huge smile.

Still wondering, well, don’t just enjoy your holiday in Bulgaria – Pomporovo. If you have questions about the trip, airports, time zone, weather and so on, please contact us, we will help you.

All best!