How about Bulgaria as a winter destination?

Every of us must spend some time among the nature… This is very important in order to fully relax and to make better our health! If you are parent, you know best how important for your kids is, you to take them to a holiday in the mountain – even if only occasionally. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the upcoming summer and to spend a one-week vacation with your family away from both the big city and the daily stress!

One of the most picturesque countries we have ever seen in Europe is the lovely Bulgaria. It is perfect for you to go on a family vacation among the nature – surrounded by dense forests, magnificent lakes and many impressing sights! And that’s not all…


The mountains of Bulgaria make the country for being a leading destination for winter tourism. Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets are the three main ski resorts in this amazing land, as millions of ski fans visit them every year! Every ski resort in Bulgaria is suitable not only for practicing of winter sports, but for relaxation and having fun too. All the establishments, hotels, night clubs, SPA centers etc. are just one small part of the amenities that the Bulgarian ski resorts offer to its quests. And if you think that Borovets, Bansko or Pamporovo are just some places for skiing and nothing else, probably you have never been there before!

Being on holiday in Bulgaria and more especially in some of the incredible, ski resorts that we have already mentioned, you will have a guarantee for a fulfilling, family vacation… Your kids will have lots of fun among the snow, while you and your half will be satisfied while watching them so happy! And you… You and your husband/wife will have the chance to dine in cozy restaurants, to relax in some of the modern SPA centers in the hotels, as well as to enjoy the attractive night life in the resorts!

No doubt, to spend your winter vacation in the mountains of Bulgaria is a real luck… Yes, this land is a small land and probably is not as famous as the Alps (for example), but is cheap, very beautiful and offers excellent conditions for all kinds of activities among the nature (and not only during the winter season) – skiing, climbing, cave tourism, hiking etc.

Spend an amazing ski vacation next winter and forget about the other European mountain resorts!