What to do if we have become “victims” of hemorrhoids

At some point in life we just don’t feel well. Such as when external or internal hemorrhoids (sometimes both) suddenly appear, which turn out to be a rather unpleasant condition. In such cases it is mandatory to use a suitable ointment for hemorrhoids, but before that the extent of the disease must be specified.

When it comes down to hemorrhoids, “keywords” are pain and itching. And no one wants to test them on their backs, does they? So, when you notice that there is a rectal infection, do not delay, and take the necessary measures. This will save you from complications that you could have avoided if you had used products like some quality ointment for hemorrhoids.

What are the symptoms of hemorrhoids

They can’t go wrong, you have to be 100% sure. Anyway, the signals that hemorrhoids are present are the following:

  • bleeding during defecation – one of the most unequivocal indications that you have acquired internal hemorrhoids that need to be treated with an appropriate ointment. They may occur sporadically or be an accompanying phenomenon during each visit to the toilet. In fact, in most cases they even become chronic, making their treatment complicated and patient;
  • external hemorrhoid, which is in the form of a small ball – such a formation is an inflamed blood vessel that can be extremely painful to the touch and not only. External hemorrhoids are a real nightmare for patients who are willing to do anything to get rid of them. And they can, as long as they choose the right ointment to treat the area;
  • itching – against the background of other symptoms, itching is the slightest discomfort that can befall us when we become “proud” owners of hemorrhoids. Anyway, it is a must to deal with the treatment of the rectal disease, which can become more serious if not relied on with proper care.

It became clear that hemorrhoids are quite common, as they are defined as the modern disease of the 21st century. Why is this so? Well, the answer is clear – indigestion, consumption of harmful food, overweight, lack of exercise, etc. Even children complain more and more often of the appearance of anal fissures and other disorders in the rectal area. What does this mean? Probably it is time to do a “revision” of our health and then to decide how to make to better. Usage of natural ointment is a great solution if there is bleeding during defecation, itching and painful blood vessels in the anus.

Which people suffer more often from rectal disorders

Statistics show that every second person has had at least once in his life external or internal hemorrhoids, sometimes even both. This trend is quite worrying, and the disease is predicted to become more common in modern society. But who is actually at risk? Here are the answers:

  • women in advanced pregnancy – it is no secret that the second trimester is associated with the appearance of hemorrhoids in pregnant women, which is always good to have a natural ointment on hand for their effective treatment;
  • people who work in an office and sit most of the time – being in front of a computer for hours can lead to unpleasant consequences for our health, such as hemorrhoids. How to protect ourselves? There is no “golden rule” to follow, but it is always a good idea to get up every hour and move. Thus we will improve blood circulation and minimize the risk of fissures and other rectal diseases;
  • adult people – they are also among those affected by hemorrhoids which is due to the slow metabolism in the body and some chronic conditions which come with age;
  • drivers of taxis, trucks and other vehicles – they stay for hours and even days in one place, which is a great prerequisite for the appearance of fissures and other “extras”. What is good to do in this case? You can drink a lot of water, to do exercise in your free time, as well as rely on nutritious food and even dietary supplements;
  • overweight people – they are at risk of hemorrhoids “by default”. Excess weight is harmful to general health, including rectal. The solution in this case is to reduce weight and thus restore balance in the body.

Whichever group you fall into, consider using a natural ointment which can be used as a basic treatment, but also as prevention. Bene Pura USA is a great choice because it contains herbs from the heart of nature in Bulgaria, as patients describe it as “magical”.

Can we use them without a doctor’s prescription

It is always good to consult a doctor when there are external or internal hemorrhoids. He will determine the extent and type of the disease, as well as prescribe us appropriate treatment, which will probably include the use of natural ointment. As to whether such a product could be used without a prescription – it can be purchased freely because it does not cause side effects and relieves symptoms from the first application.