See why milions of people visit the winter resort of Bansko and come back there for more!

Good afternoon to all of our fans of! As soon as you are here, then you love winter sports and want to learn more about the places where you can go to practice skiing, snowboarding etc… Are we right? We assure you that by visiting our tourist blog you will receive interesting information and guidelines when it comes to ski holiday at low price!

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Search for ski bansko to see one of the most beautiful places for skiing in Bulgaria! Famous with its long ski slopes (the longest ones among all the winter resorts in Bulgaria), the amazing resort of Bansko is rich with its interesting history too. This majestic place is situated in the picturesque Pirin Mountains that is hiding breathtaking nature and impressing landscapes!! Except this, Bansko is near the city of Sofia that is also the capital of Bulgaria (you have to visit this city, because there are lots of things that can be seen).


Once when you arrive in Bansko, leave your luggage in the hotel room and go right now to the ski runs to feel the incredible atmosphere of this place! We are sure that you will be more than excited while dashing down the ski runs and feeling the rising adrenaline…

But not only are the perfect conditions for practicing of winter sports the reason why people from all over the world decide to organize its holiday in Bansko… There you can find out excellent restaurants that offer great food, as well as nice hotels which are very well furnished creating coziness and calmness.

Prices – well, no doubts everybody wants to receive the best for less. It sounds difficult, right? The truth is that it is not difficult at all, especially when you are on a holiday in Bansko! Compared to some of the other popular ski resorts in Europe, this place offers great conditions in each sector at extremely low prices… It is not surprising why so many holiday lovers visit Bansko all the time and during all the seasons! Be one of them and enjoy this charming place even this year!