Explore the ancient city of Sozpol and feel the spirit of the distant past!

Have you ever wondered what is the recipe for a filled with unforgettable experiences summer holiday? Checking on the internet you will find many various offers for different destinations and that will make you feel confused… Yes, the choice of places where you can go for a holiday at sea is huge, but we advise you not to waste more time and to trust us!

If you need to go to some remarkable place, where your dream for an exciting summer holiday to come true, then stay with us and learn more about the amazing sozopol bulgaria – one of the most beautiful, ancient and preferred summer destinations in Europe!


In case that you are an artist, poet, painter or musician, the magnificent city of Sozopol will give you the inspiration and muse that you need to create new artworks and express yourself (being in this majestic place you could feel the romance in the air, pleasant atmosphere that is everywhere and the spirit of ancient Sozopol). Many people who are fans of the history and keen on a cultural tourism visit this fairy city every year, as well as come back there again every next summer season with great pleasure!

Your summer holiday in Sozopol will not be the typically vacation at sea… It will more than that!

Being in this breathtaking place you will carry away into another world – a world of beauty, romance and peace… Sozopol reminds of the ancient past and time when everything has been so simple and different (due to the fact that in Sozopol were conducted a number of archaeological excavations, you can see many historical landmarks and renovated monuments).

If there is someone you are in loved with and want to surprise her/him, go ahead and book your holiday in Sozopol even today. Be informed that if your hotel reservation is made till the end of the year, you will receive a good discount (about 20-30 %) for an early booking, so in this way you will save money and pay less!

We missed to say that the hotel and restaurants in Sozopol are incredible with its unique vision, while the coziness and comfort inside will make you feel relaxed and really good.