Go to Croatia this summer for having the greatest time in your life!

Once when you become a fan of the holidays, you feel that your priorities change… Once when you feel the emotion when traveling, you see world with different eyes! We know very well this sensation and that is the reason why have created our blog mountainhiking.org.uk – a place where you will find many interesting proposals for a holiday, no matter if you travel solo or with your family! For everybody there is something that may be of interest to you too…

Time goes really fast and you have to use it in the best way possible. You should visit as many places as possible and why not Croatia? You can have cheap holidays to Croatia too, so it is not necessary to spent lots of money while on vacation there.

By visiting Croatia and some of its majestic tourist landmarks, you will have some of the best moments in your life, because this place is unique with its beauty, amazing resorts and nature!


You can swim in the Adriatic Sea, or to explore the historical cities where can be seen many wonderful landmarks and Roman ruins – things that you can do are really various and make you feel really happy!!

Enjoy the beauty of Plitvitsky lakes – the natural treasure of Croatia and an inspiring place for all the travel lovers! The national park of Plitvitsky lakes is a great pleasure for the eyes and soul that worth to be visited, for sure (this incredible creation of nature will impress you with its beauty and magnificence)! By visiting this fairy place you can see over 16 amazing lakes, as the waterfalls there are about 140 (its number is increased by every passing year)! In this area there are many caves too, as some of them are located underneath the waterfall – imagine this picture and tell us isn’t awesome this beauty to be seen – we think that it is!

Except the astonishing views that you can enjoy when visiting the lovely Plitvitsky lakes, you will have the great chance to see different animal species while the opulent greenery is surrounding you from all sides!

This place could be described as heaven on the earth! Do not get us wrong – this is not some kind of pipe dream… This place is real and the only way to find out for yourself is to go there right now!

Source TravelPointOnline.com