A solo travel – the best way to see the world! See why!

Hello readers! In all our previous articles we wrote about family vacations and holidays with the company of friends. Now it is time to pay attention to another way of traveling – a solo trip! In many cases, to be alone when on holiday is much better then to be somewhere with your wife/husband, children or best friend. And for some time we want to put-in-our-two-cents because this topic is very important and refers to huge number of people – single or married but willing to have some time just for them and people who simply have strong adventurous spirit…


When you are alone on a holiday, can wear your heart on your sleeve and this is the best way to enjoy your trip as never before – without the influence of your fellow-traveller’s preferences.

Every solo travel is a great chance for you to try something different and something new that you never would you do if accompanied – for example to create new friendships with people you’ve met on the plane, in your hotel or even on the street while kindly guiding you!

Of course, it is very important where you are going – there are places where people are pent up and won’t assist you in any situation. But most countries in Europe are very friendly and if you are alone, no one will look you fixedly, amazed or even bad…

A very good example of a country where people are kind and hospitable to foreigners is Bulgaria – a land that welcomes holidaymakers from all nationalities, while the local people are famous with its party spirit and friendliness!

If you go to this amazing land, will be safe and feel like home… And if you are planning to make your solo trip during the summer season, keep in mind that you surely won’t feel alone – all the incredible resorts along the Black Sea coast are overfilled with people and the chance you feel lonely is 0%!!

Some of the most visited summer resorts in Bulgaria are: Golden Sands (a real find for every tourist who love both the nature and the sea), Sunny Beach resort (the party center of Bulgaria during the summer season), the ancient city Sozopol (this place is more suitable for couples, but if you are an artist, a holiday there will be your inspiration for a long time), the romantic Nessebar (another ancient town that charms with its old windmill and numerous small boats on the beach).