Visit Borovets – the first and best-priced ski resort in Bulgaria!

Great value restaurants and hotels, cheap and varied accommodations, as well as wide range of ski slopes – this is the popular winter resort of Borovets (the first, the oldest and best-priced in the majestic country of Bulgaria). Click on link bellow to learn more about this amazing resort:

You are beginner, or maybe advanced? That is actually not important at all, because in Borovets every fan of winter adventuries can find excellent tree-lined ski runs and very good ski school with professional instructors (over 200) that speak English as well. Thus you can learn ski without any problems in order to have fun on the snowy runs on your own! On the other hand, all the hotels in Borovets have an easy access to the ski slopes, so that you can go to the runs of Borovets without any difficulties.


This lovely and well-developed winter resort is located on the slopes of the gorgeous Rila mountains, as all the beauty surrounding you is a good reason for you to visit Borovets – the impressing snowy views while on the ski slopes worth to be seen! Take your camera because you will need it…

Generally, in Borovets there are three ski centers and all are connected to the center by lift. The ski center of Sitnyakovo is the largest one and is also right above the city.

Markudjik is the highest ski center (up to 2,550m above the sea level), while Yastrebets is the area having the best ski runs (FIS slopes and the snow park of Borosport – the place where you can enjoy night skiing when the sun goes down). For all advancers that are real experts in skiing, in Yastrebets they can find one of the most difficult and challenging ski-run as well as the off piste giving the chance for skiing right through the trees (this would be really awesome)!

Except for the good skiing conditions available, the resort is also famous for its exciting night life and entertainments! It is one of the best party spots in Europe where everyone can enjoy cheap and legendary nightlife! By stepping into some of the bars or clubs in Borovets, you will surely stay there until the morning, but watch out with some of the Bulgarian alcoholic drinks like “rakia” – it is stronger than the other beverages you know!

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