Top reasons why it is time to go on a holiday to Croatia – part two!

Hello again dear readers! In our previous article we told you several good reasons why you must go on holidays to croatia. We mentioned three of the many benefits of this land and more specific why you have to choose this amazing country for you next summer excursion. So if you have missed to read part one of our interesting series for Croatian, keep reading and see the rest of “Top reasons why it is time to go on a holiday to Croatia”!


Reason number 4 – the breathtaking city of Dubrovnik that remains somehow of the movie “Game of Thrones” with its beautiful walls surrounding the town! This so adorable city is recently very traveled destination due to its ancient atmosphere and captivating beauty…

Reason number 5 – the spectacular, sunny beaches! Anyway, do not think that you will find sand – a distinguishing feature of the beaches in Croatia is that they are pebbled, very picturesque, while the way the crystal water is lapping around them is just amazing! The beach of Zlatni Rat is the most popular that attracts crowds of people and adorns almost every brochure… But you should know that there are some magnificent, hidden places on the beautiful mainland where you can spend relaxing time undisturbed and among a peaceful environment.

Reason number 6 – the breathtaking natural parks… Even just this reason is more than enough to go on a trip to Croatia! Within the country there are 8 impressing national parks, where everyone will lose its mind on their incredible beauty and powerful energy! We advise you to visit the lovely Plitvice Lakes famous with its gorgeous lakes and waterfalls.

Reason number 7 – the city of Zagreb! This is the capital of Croatia and is the perfect place for all coffee lovers and fans of beautiful buildings, architectural sights, boulevards and cozy cafes!

This amazing city is away from the sunny islands and Adriatic’s landscapes, but nevertheless it has a lot to offer – enjoy the urban atmosphere and modern life in the city!

Dear readers and holiday lovers, expect part three of this exciting series very soon. See ya!